Explain the Organization and Powers of UPSC 

Organization and Powers 

  • The Union Public Service Commission is a Constitutional Body established under Article 315 of the Constitution of India. 
  • The Commission consists of a chairman and ten Members. 
  • The Mandate of Union Public Service Commission Under Article 320 and 321 of the Constitution of India, includes: 
  • Making recruitment by conduct of competitive examinations, selection through interviews
  • Advising on the suitability of officers for appointment on promotion and transfer-on-deputation
  • Advising the Government on all matters relating to methods of recruitment to various services
  • Framing and amendment of Recruitment Rules, disciplinary cases relating to various Civil Services
  • Miscellaneous matters relating to grant of extra-ordinary pensions, reimbursement of legal expenses etc, 
  • Advising the Government on any matter referred to the Commission by the President of India and on the request of the Governor of a State
  • To serve all or any of the needs of a State relating to recruitment, with the approval of the President.
  • In order to fulfil its Constitutional obligations, the Commission is supported by Officers/Staff broadly known as the Secretariat of the Commission, headed by the Secretary. 
  • The Administrative Branch of the Commission is entrusted with the functions of administering the Secretariat of the Commission as well as looking after the personal matters of the Hon’ble Chairman/ Hon’ble Members and other Officers/ Staff of the Commission.


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