List out the Afforestation Measures taken by the Government of India

Conservation of Forests

  • India has an area of 752.3 lakh hectares classified as reserved forests and 215.1 lakh hectares as protected forests. 
  • The important measures taken for the conservation of forests are as follows


Activities for afforestation

  • Programme (Van Mahotsav) includes planting and protecting trees with multiple uses which help in the restoration of green cover. 
  • The destruction of trees should be curtailed.

Social forestry programme: 

  • It should be undertaken on a large scale with the active participation of the public and utilization of common land to produce firewood, fodder and timber for the benefit of the rural community. 
  • This relieves pressure on existing forests and safeguards the future of tribals.

Forest Conservation through Laws: 

  • Adopting stringent laws and policies to conserve and protect forests are through National Forest Policy, (1952 and 1988) and Forest Conservation Act, 1980.

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