Gupta Rule – Development of Science

Mathematics and Astronomy The invention of the theory of zero. Aryabhatta was the first Indian astronomer to declare that the earth revolves around its own He is also the author of Aryabhattiyam, which deals with arithmetic, geometry and algebra. Varahamihira’s Brihat Samhita (sixth century CE) is an encyclopedia of astronomy, physical geography, botany and natural […]

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Gupta Rule – Economic Condition

Economic Condition Nitisara, written by Kamandaka, is a text like Arthasastra. It emphasizes the importance of the royal treasury and mentions various sources of revenue. The akshapataladhikrita was the keeper of royal records. Iranyavesti meant forced labor. Agriculture and Agrarian Structure The Paharpur copper plate inscription indicates that the king was the sole proprietor of

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Gupta’s Administrative System

The King Kings assumed titles such as maharajadhiraja, samrat, chakravarthi, parama – bhattaraka and parameshvara. They were also connected with gods through epithets such as parama-daivata (the foremost worshiper of the gods) and parama – bhagavata (the foremost worshiper of Vasudeva Krishna). Samudragupta is compared to Purusha (Supreme Being) in the Allahabad inscription. The divine

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