What are Lasers? State its applications


  • Lasers are light beams that are powerful enough to travel miles into the sky and cut through lumps of metal.

Characteristics of Lasers

  • Superior Monochromatism
  • Superior Directivity
  • Superior Coherence
  • High Output

Uses of Laser


  • Cutting tools that employ CO2 lasers are widely used in industries. They are precise, easy to automate and don’t need sharpening, unlike knives.
  • We use robot-guided lasers to cut pieces of cloth to make things such as denim jeans than using our bare hands. They are faster, more accurate and improve efficiency and productivity.
  • The same precision is of utmost importance in the field of medicine. 
  • Doctors use lasers for everything from blasting cancerous tumours to correcting defective eyesight.


  • The barcode scanner in a grocery store uses a laser to convert a printed barcode into a number that a checkout computer can understand.
  • Every time you play a CD or a DVD, a semiconductor laser beam bounces off the spinning disc to convert its printed pattern of data into numbers; a computer chip converts these numbers into movies, music, and sound.
  • Lasers are used in fibre optic cables and a technology known as photonics which uses photons of light to communicate.


  • The military uses laser-guided weapons and missiles.

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