List out the Better ways to improve Science and Technology in India

Better ways to improve Science and Technology in India

  • Use ST for faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth.
  • will position India among the top five global scientific powers by 2020
  • Release more research papers.
  • Encourage private sector to invest in Research and Development.
  • Achieve gender parity in Science and Technology. (meaning bring more female scientists)
  • Global cooperation, science diplomacy
  • Increase the spending in Science and Technology -innovation to 2% in next five years.

Problems to be rectified

  • Scanty allocation of funds.
  • Poor standard of publications (2nd grade research)
  • Indifferent attitude of governments in appointing Heads of premier research institutions- eg. DRDO, CISR.
  • Excessive government involvement in boards of premier institutions as IITs and how its hampering research.
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